Exhibitions / quilt galleries

CQ London is an exhibiting group whose public debut was made at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexander Palace, London in October 2019.  The quilt galleries below display work from the two themes to the Capital Contrasts exhibition – London and Notan.

London gallery

The first theme London, could be interpreted as freely as the maker wished, the only constraint being the size – 40″x 18″ portrait format. 

Notan gallery

The second theme was Notan, the Japanese concept of balance and harmony using light and dark.  Here the quilts were sized 20″ x 20″ using just black and white fabrics with the design decisions left entirely to the maker.

As well as in London the exhibitions was shown in Dublin at Simmonscourt RDS  and at the Harrogate Convention Centre at the end of November 2019. 

Sabi Westoby