Contemporary suitcase collection

Unfortunately due to the current Corona virus this meeting has had to be postponed.

At our next meeting on Thursday 19th March, we will be looking at the quilts in the new Contemporary Suitcase collection entitled, “On the Road” . This suitcase collection was only put together at the end of last year.

The suitcase contains 55 A3 quilts. They are divided up into 8 groups with five or six quilts in each group.

The exhibits have been contributed by CQ members from first-timers to well-known professional quilters. All quilts were generously and freely offered to help raise income for CQ.

The interpretation of the theme produced a wide range of topics. These included details of drains and people along the way, through to camper-vans, maps and wide open scenery. The different types of compositions and techniques used, offer many valuable discussion points and learning
opportunities. They are rich source of inspiration.

Included in the suitcase are information sheets for each quilt giving its design inspiration as well as the media and techniques that have been used. The quilts are enriched by their background stories.

You may wish to bring your own pair of clean white gloves. Two sets of gloves are provided for each group, together with notes provided by the quilters.

Looking forward to receiving the suitcase and for us to have the opportunity to discuss and critique. This link takes you a list of the quilts contained in the suitcase, together with the name of the quilter.

Alphabet fragmentation

CQL January 2020 

Today we undertook a design exercise under the theme of ‘Fractured Alphabets’ hosted by Jeni Rutherford, whereby we freecut from coloured paper letters of the alphabet either as random letters or taken from a short word. These letters, using the positive or negative or a combination of both, were then either further cut into segments or just woven through or placed on each other to create a pleasing design. These designs will form the basis of the first of four 9 inch x 9 inch journal quilts to be exhibited at a later date. Click the link to gallery below which shows photos of the exercise started at the meeting.